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About Soul Restoration Ministries

What We Do

SRM is a faith-based ministry and 501c3 non-profit that helps women recovering from severe childhood trauma and abuse by offering a warm and inviting place for them while they are working through their recovery process. These women have a place to come where they are understood and supported. We assist those who are in need of encouragement, connection, resources, and rest while on their healing journey by providing respite stays of up to a week, support groups, interpersonal growth opportunities, classes, access to an art room and library, and some help with physical needs such as medical, clothing, etc.

See the Get Involved page to learn more.


Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing place for growth and healing in community and to mentor and support women living with the impacts of trauma and abuse.


​​"Upon walking through the doorway of Restoration House, I was impacted by the peace & sense of belonging... With each visit, I grow as I am accepted & loved by this wonderful community. I am blessed to have a place to receive good things & to share my gifts and talents. I’m being restored."

Welcoming holiday dinner table
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